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Developing projects in strict adherence to the methodological rules provided by the European Commission


Facing the challenges of European competition as an opportunity to promote one’s own talents


Three consultancy levels for the development of project ideas and for your European benchmarking


The office does not offer information and updates on the Eu calls and does not deliver newsletters. The core business of Mimesis is once again publishing, although evolved towards new forms of smart publishing.

The EU project office aim firstly to develop Mimesis own projects targeted to its specific cultural mission and to its own view of relationships between knowledge and society. Universities, research centers or individual actors may however join our projects as partners, or otherwise Mimesis can provide support for the writing and management of projects arisen from Universities or cultural Associations. Mimesis can offer them the necessary knowhow for implementing EU networks, for matching the European Commission priorities and to plan in strict adherence to the Logical framework approach and to the methodological rules provided by the European Commission.


The goal of this new platform presented by the Mimesis group is to tackle the need, arising within the humanities, for a new concept of public funded research, supported by a new way of regarding competition among ideas, one where the quality evaluation of the research, innovation, and a better dissemination and exploitation of the research results play a significant role.

Facing the challenges of European competition means working towards a global growth, learning to deal with different results, to seek innovation, to understand the obscure EU official language, to share methodologies with foreign colleagues, to import and also (sometimes) export good practices. In other words, it means developing a new working philosophy based on the sharing of ideas and the measurement of their actual impact.

The new EU project planning office deals with all the new funding opportunities offered by European 2014-2020 Programs related to the topics of the Mimesis editorial series and magazines, that is, Horizon 2020, Erasmus+, Creative Europe, Europe for Citizens, EuropeAid, Rights and Citizenship, Progress and any other program related to humanities, cultural studies and philosophy.

Mimesis provides partnerships to write and manage EU projects, to launch and suggest ideas and to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of project ideas coming from university scholars and their Departments.


At a first level, the office provides assessment of the relevance of project ideas and their matching with EU programs and current budget lines. It also provides guidance on strategies aimed at developing European partnerships consistent with the logic of European planning for funding

At a second level the office provides counseling for the development of project ideas, with specific analysis concerning the relevant funding lines and programs, i.e.:
• Study and analysis of the client activity and benchmarking as regards the allocation of EU grants among competitors at a national and international level
• analytical study of the relevant European funding lines; historical inquiry and reports about the success rate of these lines
• start monitoring relevant calls, delivering of call schedules and support to the customer in his strategic choices
• planning of the first project draft
• loading on the relevant European Commission web sites of a set of basic information for seeking of for suitable European partnerships
• lobbying activities aimed at introducing the client into the virtuous cycle of EU project partnerships in order to receive requests for membership by other relevant European applicants and consortia
• support to the client in the management of communication with the potential international partners
At a third level, the office provides operational support to the whole writing of the project proposal according to the Logical Framework Approach required by the European Commission and to the specific rules set out in the call. Specifically:
• Identification of the client's financial needs and of his project objectives according to the objectives of the relevant European program
• Development of the project design and of the expected results of the project actions in line with the eligibility of expenditure items specified in the call
• Analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with respect to the success of the project
• Development of the project budget
• Assessment of the economic viability of the project, its revision and adaptation of the wishes of the client
• Filling in of all the forms and e-forms required by the specific call
• Monitoring the procedures for forwarding electronic application

Project: Competences Certification for Universities’ EU project planners. Universities capacity building for the improvement of the EU funding success rate – accompanying measure

The project aims at providing a strategic and operational support to universities in order to increase their rate of allocation of EU grants for research, innovation and exchange of good practices. According to the law of some EU countries, achieving this objective the national Ministry increases accordingly the ordinary management fund.

The support to universities foresees the enhancement of a good practice at an European level, carried out in 2011 by Lombardy Region ( and Milan Polytechnic Foundation ( by means of the implementation of the first certification of competences acquired in non-formal and informal contests for the professional profile of the European project planner. Thanks to the approval in January of 2013 of the relevant national legislation, the system of certification based on the European Qualification Framework (EQF) of Lombardy Region is now finally operational and can be performed also at an European Level.


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